Oxford City Learning ‘Better Together’

The Vision

Together we can raise standards and accelerate progress for all students. We seek to improve the opportunities for every young person to achieve success in education and in life. Our focus is to drive up standards in literacy and mathematics and to ensure all groups of learners make equally good progress.
Implementing the vision
Individually we are proud of the distinct and different nature of our organisations and believe our diversity is a strength. Collectively we are responsible for the learning and progress of over ten thousand 11-19 year olds.
Oxford City Learning has developed a set of principles that underpin the work we do.

Better Together – Ethos and Culture

We are a forward-thinking, active partnership seeking out opportunities to develop and improve the quality of learning and achievement for all young people across the city. Our learning culture has an inclusive focus. We believe in the potential of every young person and our responsibility to help them develop the skills, confidence and qualifications necessary to succeed in life. We work together to support innovation, share improvement expertise and enhance professional learning. We value the role of the partnership in a self-improving system.

Better Together – Learning and Curriculum

Learning and the learner experience is at the heart of what we do. We support curriculum innovation that enables a challenging, enjoyable and personalised curriculum to meet the needs of all learners. Our focus on learner outcomes at Key Stage 4, specifically English and Mathematics, is to enable post-16 progression and 16-18 success for all, with the highest levels of attendance reflecting effective student engagement.

Better Together – Leadership and Professional Development

OCL is a vibrant community for professional learning and effective practice. We invest in our staff to raise standards across the City. Everyone who works within OCL has access beyond their single organisation to a wider body of professional expertise, ideas and development opportunities. We enable professionals to learn so that they are better equipped to make a difference to young people. We place a strong emphasis on using and participating in research to make a difference to learner outcomes. Career paths in OCL are supported by leadership programmes, succession planning and a commitment to develop highly effective leadership at all levels.

All partners commit to:
• Support OCL in the achievement of improved outcomes and progression for all our learners
• Shape and manage OCL’s strategic priorities, success criteria and a strong implementation effort to support the change process
• Enable the benefit of partnership activity to be experienced by colleagues within our organisations through participation in relevant OCL activities and meetings
• Increase understanding of each other’s organisations through ‘support and challenge’ improvement mechanisms
• Share effective practice
• Promote excellence in Teaching and Learning through a strong culture of partnership professional learning, innovation and effective use of research and data
• Develop highly effective leadership at all levels, with a focus on results and succession planning
• Evidence the impact of outcomes and celebrate success

OCL’s vision is translated into a separate document setting out our strategic priorities, success criteria and implementation plan. This is reviewed annually by the Strategy Group and revised accordingly.