ResearchTeachMeet will take place on Wednesday 24th June at Norham Gardens.  Further details as to the time and how to sign up will be available shortly.

TeachMeets OCL offers teachers a vibrant learning community. Teachers from different OCL partner schools organise Oxford City TeachMeets open to all; OCL is delighted to publicise these events and spread the message that teachers talking about teaching and learning is professionally stimulating and motivating.

For more great ideas why not visit their "teaching toolkit": If you have never come across one before, a TeachMeet is a bit like a conference but each presentation lasts for a short period of time – usually two or five minutes. Each presenter explains a lesson, activity or technique which has worked well for them. It's a chance to learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. It’s about engaging and inspiring but also about making connections with other educators. Please email us if you are interested in hosting the next TeachMeet.