Professional Development

We are a vibrant community of learning organisations that believe investing in our staff is crucial to raising standards across the city. We believe that everyone who works in education should be supported and encouraged to develop the skills, capacity and resilience to work in a rapidly changing world. In practice this means:

  •  leaders in all organisations actively support collaboration and partnership working
  • network groups of staff continue to develop the culture of rich collaboration where good practice is shared and next practice generated
  • increased professional development opportunities for staff to access training sessions in partner organisations and work beyond their own organisation through joint projects, work shadowing, peer mentoring, shared teaching and secondments
  • each organisation is responsible for its own continuing improvement and accountable for the consistency, quality and standards achieved by staff 
  • working towards OCL having a central role in the recruitment, development and retention of good and outstanding staff at all levels

The Oxford Education Deanery

The Education Deanery was launched in November 2013 by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Andrew Hamilton. The scheme will draw on already established links between our schools, and teachers will get greater access to university facilities and to share resources and expertise.

Chair of Oxford City Learning, and Matthew Arnold School head Katherine Ryan, said: “When Oxford City Learning was formed in 2009, one aim was to capitalise on the wealth of knowledge within the universities of our city. “This opportunity to strengthen and extend links between Oxford University and secondary schools will enable us to develop teaching in an unprecedented manner.